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Friday, January 16, 2009

What are Foundations?

Every home has one, a foundation. But are they created equal? What is the difference between them? And how does that difference affect you as a home owner? Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference, or what you are used to. But just to help clear it up some, I will go over the types of foundations seen most in Horry County.

The two most common foundations that I have seen throughout Horry County are Slab and Crawlspace foundations. But as you get closer to the ocean you will see many homes with Pier Foundations.

Pier Foundations are typically used in coastal regions in order to try and prevent possible flood damage to the home. Usually in this area you will see homes with Pier foundations called Raised Beach Homes. With smaller lots, these are also handy as sometimes they can be made so that you can park your vehicle under the home.

Crawl Space Foundations are foundations that lift the home a few feet off the ground allowing space for access to the plumbing and wiring of the home. Some crawl spaces even offer room for extra storage. But care must be taken in the placement of vents in a crawl space foundation to avoid moisture problems which can lead to mold.

Slab Foundations are flat slabs of concrete that leave no space between the floor and the ground. Some people consider these to be a benefit as you do not have to worry about proper ventilation to prevent mold as you do in a crawlspace foundation. However, you do not have easy access to plumbing or the added benefit of storage.

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