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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Trends in Home Design

I was reading a blog by StyledStagedSold that discussed 10 Hot trends in Home Design. Here are the 10 Designs that they have noticed a growing demand for:

  1. Lighting that is used as both functional and funky shaped art pieces.
  2. An extension of the home in outdoor living; with a smoother transition from being inside, to being outside.
  3. Accessories (art, sculpture, photography, etc) that reflect nature & the environment.
  4. Green appliances (i.e. energy efficient/water saving)
  5. An increase in his & her amenities in more areas of the home than just the Master bed & bath.
  6. Car lifts (especially as lot sizes are growing smaller)
  7. Windows as a focal point (and energy efficient of course!)
  8. More variation in wood details.
  9. Mirrors.
  10. Electronics, Electronics, Electronics.
To view these 10 Trends in Home Design in more detail go to StyledStagedSold's blog here.

And leave some feedback in the comments, what are your opinions on these Hot Trends? How long do you think they will be hot? And are they something you are interested in?

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